Cover letter writing solutions for professional job seeker

The Client

The client was a junior executive looking for a new role as a human resource professional. After quitting a low-paying job, he was searching for a more dynamic, challenging and better-paying job that gives him more opportunities to advance in his career in the long-term.

The Requirements of the Client

  • The client was looking for a cover letter writing services provider who can capture the essence of the resume to the cover letter so that his chances of getting called to interviews can be improved.
  • The client also required us to do an overhaul to the resume as he wasn’t satisfied with the quality of the same.
  • He required the letter to be delivered in two days.
  • He also needed us to offer the service cost-effectively.

The Challenges We Faced

During the execution of the project, our professional resume writing team faced the following challenges;

  • As we took on the project, we found the turnaround time to execute the project extremely challenging.
  • The existing resume did not provide a comprehensive idea about the client’s strengths and responsibilities to highlight on the cover.
  • Apart from writing the cover letter, we had to leverage the support of our most experienced resume writer to make the resume more comprehensive and value-adding.
  • The existing letter was poorly formatted, structured and was full of unnecessary details that were already present in the resume. In other words, it was too lengthy and non-engaging for anyone to read. It was framed without providing any insights to the suitability of the applicant’s candidature to the role being offered.

How We Addressed the Challenges

As the time-window we got to deliver the cover letter was less, we had to quickly tackle the challenges. Hence, we followed the steps given below;

  • We quickly constituted a team of three to carry out the work. The team consisted of a resume writer, a cover letter writer and a supervisor.
  • The first task we had at our hand was to update and better the existing resume. We worked closely with the client to understand the nature of his job, his experiences and his professional attributes so as to intelligently incorporate them into the resume.
  • Once we understood them all, we quickly rearranged the resume and made it more comprehensive and insightful for the readers.
  • The next step was to write the letter. We finalized a befitting cover letter writing format which focused to highlight the client’s professional strengths, experience and skillsets. We created an effective, comprehensive letter that was concise yet perceptive all the while being engaging to the recruiters.

The Result

After we have delivered the client with the cover letter, he was able to get interview calls from multiple companies. In less than a month, he joined the ranks of a reputed manufacturing company as a human resource executive.

As the client was extremely happy, he also referred some of his colleagues to us for letters and resumes.

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