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Guidelines That Will Help You To Craft The Perfect Resume (Tips)

Crafting an effective resume can go a long way in leveraging your career. At the outset, you need to come up with a crispy and concise resume, that sums up your profile with sophistication and style. When you craft a resume, keep a check on wordiness. Recruiters have hundreds of resumes to go through, so they will simply scan through the CV in thirty seconds or so. Evidently, you have just half-a minutes time to captivate their attention. It is

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Why resume writing companies charge differently?

You may have approached a professional resume writing company after being referred by one of your friends. He may have told you a rate that you found really cheap. But things were not so pleasant when you inquired about the charges. The content writing agency asked for a higher rate. You approached another service provider and the situation was same. Why? This blog post deals with the reasons why resume writing services are charged differently for different customers. Let’s have a