What does Google have in its store for 2015? Predictions

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Over the last few years, we have seen how Google tweaked its algorithm to fight spammers and shallow content to improve its search results. Many companies have been hit by such updates even though they have hired best SEO services from established professional SEO service providers in India.This year is going to be a tough year as well.

Following are some predictions for SEO world

  • Mobile ranking will become the most important aspect

    As it already is, companies who are hiring search engine optimization service providers will need them to better optimize their websites for mobile searches over desktop searches. In order to ensure high ROI, they would need to hire the best SEO services providing company in India.

  • The need to interpret user engagement metrics will grow higher

    Even though most companies hire the best SEO Company in Bangalore, interpretation of the user engagement data they acquire becomes quite a problem. Companies need to invest more time and efforts to arrive at really great insights that can affect their conversions rates directly.

  • Google will stay Google

    This may not come as a surprise to anyone as Google will try to control SERPs better than they ever did and this is going to become a problem for many professional SEO service providers as they will have clients complaining about the decrease in ranks, visitors and potential business.

  • Local optimization will become more important to businesses than ever

    Google has been telling businesses to concentrate more on local search results than mere organic searches when the businesses are local. Though businesses particularly did not go about this, most of the professional SEO services did persuade companies to make an impact with local listings. It will become clearer that by local, Google really means to create local profiles in Google business and maps.

Like the year 2014 brought some great changes to the search engine world, there is no way to think that 2015 will be different.