Why Resume Writing Companies Charge Differently?

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You may have approached a professional resume writing company after being referred by one of your friends. He may have told you a rate that you found really cheap. But things were not so pleasant when you inquired about the charges. The content writing agency asked for a higher rate. You approached another service provider and the situation was same. Why?

This blog post deals with the reasons why resume writing services are charged differently for different customers. Let’s have a quick glance.

Experience and qualification

Recently one student approached us. He was a fresher in need of a professional resume for Indian job market. The whole work to create a best stuff for him took less than a day. So, the rates were obviously lesser. However if someone with nearly a decade of experience approach us, we have to study all his designation details and job responsibilities etc. to project them in best possible light. It takes more time and hence the rate will increase. Similar is the case of candidates with more qualifications. In this case the upsides of qualifications are to be reflected in many areas of CV. It should be done in such a way that the employer is convinced to hire you.

Industry on which the CV targets

Another fact that determines the rate of CV writing is the industry on which it focuses. The way of writing resume varies a lot based on the niche. A person applying for a job in marketing must have a CV written in a particular style. This style if followed for a job in construction domain or IT scenario may not be that effective. Also the time and effort taken to write resumes differs a lot based on the domain.

Geographical location for the job hunt

The geographical location where the candidates want his CV to work effectively is also a decisive factor that determines rates of resume writing services. Preference in tone and style is different for different locations. You can’t send the same type of CV to Dubai, India and Europe. Though minor, tweaking has to be done.

Editing demanded

After or while the process is going on, if your requirements keep on increasing, charges will change accordingly. Companies in India don’t charge anything extra if the additional work done is not that time consuming. But if the whole objective of resume needs to be changed or any major additions have to be done, charges will increase.

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