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The Client

The client was one of the leading digital marketing and SEO companies in Durban and has been creating an exceptional space in the internet marketing industry of South Africa. They had several hotels, restaurants and book keeping services as their clients.

Requirements of the client

The client was under immense pressure while they contacted us. They had been carrying out extensive digital marketing and SEO campaign for one of their newer clients in Durban for more than three months but the website began to experience increase in the bounce rate. The assessment of the campaign pointed that the quality of the content has been very low and it made the visitors quickly leave the website. As this posed a serious issue for the client, they were looking to find a new article writing company that can meet the daily requirement of high quality search engine optimized content.

The client, who had been hunting for professional SEO article writing services, needed a content writing agency that can not only meet the quality standard and the volume but also the budgetary constraints of the client as the requirement was huge. Though they approached three other content writing companies, the client wasn’t satisfied with the quality of the writing. The client was not willing to commit the entire campaign with us, they wanted to temporarily associate with us for a week, which we agreed to.

After three days of delivering the content needed by the client, they entered into a contract with us for six months.

The Challenges of the Project

  • One of the major challenges was the volume as the client was focusing on content marketing and the volume of blog posts and articles was huge.
  • Another challenge was the format of the content that the client needed, as the client required to have multi-formatted content to provide better user experience.
  • We also had to effectively incorporate a range of keywords given by the clients into the blogs and articles written as per the keyword density needed by the client.

Our strategy to meet the challenges

The strategy devised by Winwordz to effectively meet their requirements in regard of article writing services given below

  • Considering the volume of the client’s requirement, we created a team to handle the requirement of that particular client and set up a special work area where the team could work interacting to each other.
  • We also gave the support of two full-time editors to the team to ensure that the team is able to meet the quality standards and project deliverables expected by the client with each content piece written.
  • We divided the total daily requirement of client among different professional article writers with us and assigned the topic for each two days prior to avoid wasting working hours.
  • We also utilized various software applications to ensure that the blogs and articles written are original and unique.

Outcome of the project

At the end of the project, we were able to

  • Meet the daily content requirements without fail.
  • Constantly provide content having excellent quality.
  • Help the client improve the results of their SEO campaigns.

With our content, the bounce rate drastically reduced and the SEO campaign of client started showing great results. Extremely satisfied with our writing capabilities and service deliverance, the client continued to associate with us for all their further content requirements. They even referred us to many of their business associates.