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The client and the requirements

The client was an eCommerce website that specialized in providing a wide range of Ethnic Wear collections. When the site was developed and designed, enough attention was not paid to the SEO aspects of the site and the result was zero visibility of the site on search engines. Anyone wanting to reach the site had to type in the domain name of the client to get to the site. As there were several websites providing ethnic wear clothes, competition was naturally tough to rank higher.

What we found

Upon taking the project, we carried out an extensive SEO analysis and assessment of the website to find that the website literally had nothing to support the search engines to give it any SEO value. The site missed many SEO elements such as tags, keyword-optimized content, image optimization and a strong external and internal linking structure.

Our strategy in task execution of the project

Once the assessment and analyses were over, the first thing we did was to carry out an extensive keyword analyses using various keyword search tools such as Google keyword Planner and Moz Keyword Explorer based on the products in offer. We tried to focus on different types of keyword such as exact match, long-tail keywords etc.

We have rewritten the content on almost every page of the website effectively optimizing the same with keywords to improve the search engine visibility. We have also optimized the tags, images and various elements on the site to improve its search engine values.

As part of the off-page SEO, we created a strong and relevant backlink structure. Once we have carried out all the necessary on-page and off page SEO tasks, we executed an extensive technical assessment of the website to check if there were any sort of coding errors that can reduce the value of the site in the eyes of search engines.

The result

Upon completing the second phase of our SEO projects, the client started seeing the changes quite effectively. The number of visitors and clicks naturally improved and the site started ranking on the first page for various keywords. Our SEO services helped to keep the site on top of the SERPs by carefully carrying out all the necessary off-page and on-page optimization.