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The challenge

It has been quite a while since Rahul was able to find work; he seemed qualified, experienced and sensible. However, he never could connect with the employers through his old resume and was not very keen on spending quite a lot on a resume he already thought was great.

How we, a top resume writing service in Bangalore, helped Rahul

It was easy to understand that he resume used by Rahul was made by him; though it was informative, it was cluttered, too much to read and not focused at all. We found that he used the kitchen-sink approach that had everything on the resume relevant or irrelevant. Though everything on the resume talked about Rahul, there was too much redundant information.

We also carefully analyzed the jobs he was applying for and tweaked the resume to include specific skillsets and search words that sorting programs might use.

As he was trying to get into a more serious profession, our resume writing professionals went with a professional format that had a specific hierarchy highlighting his abilities as a professional and growth aspirations.

The challenge

The challenge was to construct a resume that can not only depict the exceptional academic achievements of Akshaya, but also include the elements that mattered to the role in offer.

How we, a top resume writing service in Bangalore, helped Akshaya

It was the first time Akshaya was trying to apply for a job and we wanted to focus on her academic prowess and how she could bring values that mattered to the job quite effectively. We had a couple of conversations with Akshaya to understand her experience in her projects to find relevant values and skills that can help her execute her tasks at work. We effectively wove these skills to her resume in such a way that it immediately attracted the attention of the recruiter we did that keeping mind of the 14 seconds scan that most recruiters do.

We also went for a format that was simple and easy on the eyes to give the recruiters a better understanding of Akshaya’s educational background and accolades. As a professional resume writing company we have prepared multiple drafts for a better layout having a value-adding headline and several bullet points that required minimum reading.

We worked our way to creating a simple, yet effective, resume that narrated Akshaya as an exceptional potential employee, effectively backed by her educational background and skill sets.