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The client and the concern of the client

The client was a comprehensive IT outsource provider located in India that has a strong SEO strategy. They had extensive requirement for content every day; both for the blog and web pages of their business website. Because of the large number of blog pages needed every day, effectively executing SEO strategy was becoming tougher. The client had in-house content writers but it was not enough for them to meet their requirements. They even tried to outsource the same with less-than-desired results as other content writing companies were unable to provide the services at low-cost with high quality guidelines.

Our content writing approach to the project

When we were approached to write compelling blog posts, we immediately understood the extent of the project and efforts that needed to be put into carrying out the project as per the time schedule. The first thing we have done was to create a content strategy for blog writing to find resources that can help us provide impeccable and accurate details on topics the client has given to us.

As a professional content writing company, our next move was to create a content writing strategy that involved professional writers and editors. We have formulated a style and format guide to help the writers conform to the various quality guidelines put forth by the client.

The editors were assigned with editing the already written articles to ensure the quality and accuracy of the write up being written. The editors were also given the additional responsibility of ensuring that the content was not only informative but also engaging for the readers.

The result of the project

At the end of the project, after six months, our professional blog writers created about 624 pieces of content that conformed to the highest levels of quality surpassing the guidelines given by the client. The content we provided was;

  • Optimized with all the relevant keywords that the clients were trying to target in their market. Keywords were incorporated naturally so that users reading the same never had any hiccups.
  • Content that matched not only with the specific quality guidelines and formatting but also with the requirement of the client to provide great value and originality to the content.
  • Able to help the client carry out their SEO strategy quite effectively owing to the search engine optimized content we provided for their niche.