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The Client

The client was one of the leading website designing service providers from Brooklyn and was in search of an experienced social media content writing company. As they were revamping their business as a part of business expansion, they needed a wide range of social media content and hence they were in search of a reliable content writing company.

What the client was looking from us?

When the client contacted our content writing agency in India, they said that they are in a hiring process and would only hire the company who can meet their quality, quantity and budgetary requirements. They said that they also were in talks with a few other writing companies as well. As the client wanted to understand that quality of our service deliverance, they weren’t willing to commit to a contract until we delivered them a few samples.

The requirements of the client

The client as part of the business expansion strategy devised a content marketing plan to establish themselves as a strong and efficient leader in the spectrum of web designing. As such, they needed different types of write up for a wide range of audience. They intended to run an extensive social media paid campaign with the help of the write up they receive from the company they intended to hire. The client also required us to work with the content marketing strategist of their business to create write up that matches their requirements, their purpose and the demography they were aiming the content to.

We were required to offer them a sample for a week before the services are hired. At the end of the week, the client agreed to enter into a contract which expected to run initially for six months.

The Challenges of the Project

  • One of the major challenges we faced was the sheer volume of the content they required
  • The client needed the content on a weekly basis on Friday afternoon before their office was closed.
  • The timing was another challenge as the client was half-way across the world. However, we reached an arrangement where we would send the work every second day to ensure that the clients always had the write up they needed.
  • The client also required us to integrate a wide range of keywords as per the required density and it changed from articles to blogs to case studies.

How we met the challenges?

  • In order to meet the requirement of the client, we setup a temporary team of professional social media content writers under a senior editor who was in charge of the editing and quality assessment activities.
  • As the client needed different types of content written such as blogs, articles, case studies and web pages, the team consisted of professionals who were adept in each of these.
  • We also divided the total requirements of the client among the team to complete the work on time.
  • Our editors were also put into over-time at times when their editor could not check the quality of the content written alone.

The result of the project

At the conclusion, we were able to;

  • Complete the project before the schedule of the client.
  • Exceed the quality expectations of the client.
  • Support the client to improve the result and ROI of their content marketing campaign.

Having been satisfied and impressed with our social media content creation services, the client continued to associate with us for a range of SEO and general write up requirements.