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The client and the requirement

The client was a mobile application development company that provides extensive mobile development services such as iOS, Android application development in India. Though they had a fairly good web presence in India, their website lacked serious global web presence.

As part of their growth strategy, they wanted to offer service to other parts of the world. Hence, they wanted to get their website redesigned so as to compete with websites of international quality from global players. They wanted to get the website designed in just three days.

The challenge

The challenge was to completely redesign the website along with modifying the content to match the new design of the website. Though we had doubts about the content requirement, we were quite sure to provide a design of global standard.

The analysis of the requirement

The requirement of the client was to redesign their website, in three days, having about 23 pages, each of which has content on it. We have considered this a priority project and immediately constructed a team of the best designers, content writers and a few editors to carry out the project. The tasks were divided into two categories; content and design.

The designers sought to redesign the website while the website content writers tried to fine-tune the content without rebuilding the entire content on each pages. The design team tried to bring in great aesthetical appeal to the pages without compromising the user-experience.

How we did it

Our content writing team took advantage of various CMS tools to make the necessary changes to the content on the site by adding, modifying and deleting some of the content to match the design elements of the website.

The design wing of the team used various web technologies to bring in all the necessary style and aesthetical elements to ensure that the website was able to well match the requirements of the clients.

We also effectively integrated various CMS elements, multimedia and web designing styles to make the website look attractive and user-friendly. We have also run a couple of technical and content analyses to ensure that the website was error-free and worked in all platforms and rendered well in different devices and browsers.

The result

We were able to deliver the project on time just the way the clients needed it.