Guidelines That Will Help You To Craft The Perfect Resume (Tips)

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Crafting an effective resume can go a long way in leveraging your career. At the outset, you need to come up with a crispy and concise resume, that sums up your profile with sophistication and style. When you craft a resume, keep a check on wordiness. Recruiters have hundreds of resumes to go through, so they will simply scan through the CV in thirty seconds or so. Evidently, you have just half-a minutes time to captivate their attention. It is wise to keep your CV short, yet potent enough to take you through the competitive clutter.

Well, here you will come across certain professional resume writing tips that will help you to craft a flawless CV.

  • Writing the objective

    The problems with most of the resumes is that their objectives look all the same. People habitually write generic objectives, which knocks them out of the competition. Be specific about why you are willing to join the company and why do you think you are the right person when you write the objective. A few crispy sentences can change your outlook. Avoid using buzzwords that occupy space and does not create any impression in the minds of the recruiters. The same applies in case of profile summary for resume as well.

  • Experience

    While writing your experience, make sure to make them relevant. Certain people start right from the assignments and internships they had completed during the graduation-days and come up with a list of work they had done, which actually has no relevance to the industry. First of all, make it a point to establish a relevance between your experience and the profile you are applying for. You may have worked in a number of companies, but are those experiences creating an impact on the concerned job in anyway? Try to evaluate your performance in the specific industry and focus on the experience that the hiring company would be interested in. When it is about cover letter writing services also, experiences need to be mentioned strategically.

  • Skills

    Well, you need to save space as much as possible, as your goal is to convey your abilities in the shortest possible format to the recruiter. You may write the core skills that you possess, but avoid mentioning the skills that are obvious. For instance, if you are an IT professional, you need not mention that you know MS Office. The shorter your resume, the less time the recruiter will need to sum up your profile.

  • Education, training and certificates

    It is important to specify your degrees, percentage of marks and certificates you have received, especially in case of student resume writing. However, make sure not to drag along this section too long. The most effective way of presenting your educational qualifications is to present them in a tabular format. The name of examination, percentage of marks and year of passing are to be integrated in the same section, along with the certificates you have received.

  • Volunteer services

    You may have participated in a number of community service and civic activities. However, you have no point in placing them on your resume, unless they are relevant to your profession. In case your volunteer service is very important in the context of your job, you may mention it in your CV. In other cases, if you had undertaken any leadership role in these activities, you can specify it in a few words.

  • Integrating bullet points

    It is important to use bullet points in the resume, as it helps the recruiters to locate the important information. Often, the essential figures and facts get lost in the crowd, and recruiters are too busy to dig them out. It is your responsibility to make the important data stand apart through professional CV writing. Therefore, use simple bullet points along with your skills, experience and other relevant information. The bullet points should not be too fancy or artistic, maintain certain level of professionalism when you present your resume.

  • What not to do while developing a resume

    Well, now you know what to do to present your resume before the recruiter. Here’s the don’ts that you need to know and this is very important.

  • Margins

    You might be trying to increase the space in your resume by curtailing the space allotted for the margins. The borders at the top and the bottom may be minimized in width to a certain extent. However, you should not make them too narrow, as they might come up with resizing issues when you get the document printed. It is recommended to leave around one-inch space around all sides; this is what most professional offering resume writing services do.

  • Font size

    Stick to a standard font type, with a size that does not cause the reader to go through the CV. You might be trying to make your resume look compact by fitting all the information in a single page. However, this might irritate the recruiter, as the eyes get stressed when they read tiny letters in your resume. You should avoid using narrow fonts that are condensed, or even certain Sans Serif fonts, that make it difficult to read the document. The recruiters will not go through the CV, if you are not sensible about the presentation.

  • Abbreviations

    Unless the abbreviation is universally known, do not use it on your resume. It might confuse the recruiter, as the same set of letters may have two different meanings. It is wise to write the full word, instead of trying to save the space for a few characters. It will make your CV look professional.

These guidelines will surely help you to make an impact with your next resume. Competition is high, you need to make your CV look different, better and obviously promising when compared to the others competing with you.

If you lack the confidence or expertise to create one for you, hire a resume writer or a content writing agency with enough experience in the same. Although resume writing companies charge differently still they provide customized resume writing solutions. There are a lot of professional resume writers in India or agencies who write CVs for local and global job markets. However, selecting the right company/person is something really crucial.