10 effective tips for designing a website for start-ups in 2018

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Creating a website as a start-up company will be very challenging. It can pose as a daunting task; throwing up so many doubts, ideas, options and everything that matters with it. And why not? One should for sure think a lot before coming up with an exclusive website for his newly launched business. Since a website is actually the face of concerned business and its brand, one cannot afford to go easy with its creation. It is a bridge between you and your customers. Hence it is very important that one creates this lucrative online path with right elements and effective ingredients.

So you are all charged up for your new venture? And all excited to create a webpage? But do not have any clue on how to go about it?

To start with, have a rough idea first as to how your website should look, before you get down to designing. On an alternative note, it is always better to seek professional help in this matter. Get in touch with skilled web developers, who are expert in web design & development services, and they will surely be very beneficial for you and your business growth.

Meanwhile take a look at these tips and guidelines for achieving the perfect webpage design that will leave a positive impact on your customers:

  • How to start

    No matter how long it takes, always make a concrete plan before starting to design. Think well on:

    • Design
    • Purpose of the design
    • Feel and visual appeal of your website
    • Message that you want to convey through your brand

    Similarly contemplate on various aspects for your website and come up with a proper design strategy. To make it easier, try choosing an element and work around it, making it as focus of attraction for the audience. Design it in such a way that it represents your brand. Go through different online references to get enough web design tips for startups that will help you to make up your mind.

  • Make it responsive

    In this technologically advanced age, companies are striving to make their websites available on different platforms. So it is important to make your website mobile friendly. Since everyone is hooked on online shopping via smartphones, you have to consider such factors well in advance. Create a responsive web design which is one of the key factors of successful website.

  • Be Organised

    An attractive website should also be engaging in such a way that it is easy to navigate and users can access through different categories effortlessly and seamlessly. The design should have a clear layout and there should be an appropriate order for the website’s sections. Everything should be synchronised.

  • Focus on the content

    Once you have achieved a creative satisfaction on the web design layout, you need to divert your concentration to the next most important element on a website- The Content. You need to give weightage to the content that goes on your site. It should be engaging, distinct and grab users and gradually make them your regulars. It helps to grab attention and generate revenue. So, make sure of a quality content driven website. It is not everyone’s cup of coffee to do website content writing. Engage professionals to provide you with best content befitting your site, brand and customers’ requirements.

  • Simplicity Works

    Yes, it does! Try to design an easy yet effective webpage. It should not look chaotic with too much designs, colours and content. Don’t confuse your viewer with so many elements and sections either. Keep it simple; easy on eyes and make it serve its purpose efficiently. Always go for a user friendly website design that gets your customer what he wants and makes him come back again and again.

  • One stop for all

    You should consider all kinds of users. Some may not be proficient in computing skills while others will be more comfortable using desktop. Customise your website accordingly so that it is easier for every type of audience to use it on any kind of device.

  • Enter in Web Directory

    It is not an old fashion thing to do. But yes, one needs to list their website in local as well as directories. Make sure your site enters all the leading directories.

  • Beta Version

    Being a start-up company, one has to have their hands in different things to have an idea of what works and what does not. As a professional web design company, we suggest that you to first go for the beta version of your website. This will give you enough time to scrutinise that everything is perfect before you go live.

  • SEO Rules!

    One would obviously know the power of SEO. Drive content to make your website get listed on Google. Work on developing back-links and ensure all your images have alt tags. Take help of Google Webmaster to enhance your website on regular basis. We offer professional seo services to help your website accessible for all and also generate business.

  • Keep it real

    A user always seeks to get a personal feel to their content. So when it comes to adding images on your website, it is best to use real-life pictures in association to your business rather than buying stock images online.

  • The Final Picture

    The main aim of a website is to establish robust relationship with one’s customer and target audience. Hence it is vital to make a strong site that is pleasing on eyes and impactful through its content.
    If you need any kind of assistance, we specialise in providing custom website design cost effective solutions, suited best for a start-up company. Reach us and know more.